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Red Paddle Co. Multi Pump Adapter

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  • Spend more time on the water with friends and family, connect two pumps to one board for ideal pump assistance
  • Save time and energy on inflation, boost your electric pump to get boards to pressure in record time
  • Easily dissembles and no tools required, two non-return valves can be maintained without needing extra parts
  • Convenient for a range of boards, compatible with all HR valve fittings giving you peace of mind

Save more time for the water. 

Created for those who want more from their paddle boarding experience, the multi-pump adapter cuts time and saves energy. Whether your solo adventuring or heading out with company, inflate your board in record time by connecting two pumps to one board and doubling up on air.  

For that extra boost, even connect an electric pump to get board to pressure with no energy wasted. Ensuring convenience, the multi-pump adapter is compatible with all HR valve fittings and a range of boards.  

Even better, the multi-pump board adapter has two non-return valves which are easy to maintain with no tools required! 



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