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Super wash full Board Cleaning kit

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Why not SAVE and buy the full kit

- eco conscious 250ml minty fresh cleaner
- board protection layer every wash
- all natural ingredients 
- made by us in house
- a tried and tested formula
-scrubbing brush
-board loafer
-cotton cloth's
-spot remover

Plant based. 100% Organic. Biodegradable.
An eco-conscious cleaner that helps you care for your craft.
Sustainability focused and created from years of board (shaping and repair)
experience, our cleaner is all about increasing the lifespan of all watercrafts
and equipment.
Effective and powerful cleaning, without harm to you or the water environment
we all respect.

HOW TO USE: you have a couple of options.
1 - Rinse the craft with water, squirt roughly 10 times, wash away - rinse well after use.  
2 - Rinse the craft with water, squirt 10-20 times in a bucket of warm water, wash away - rinse well after use.

  • Removes dirt, grime and unwanted odours.
  • Offers antibacterial properties and an invigorating natural fragrance.
  • Prevents water damage, seam degradation, and ‘the pickled effect’.
  • Protects board paint, laquer, PVC and glues against abrasion and weakened
  • board composition - helps find any damage & reducing the need for repairs or replacements.

Made in Christchurch, UK.
Recyclable packaging – with refill options!
When using this product, avoid contact with eyes. Wash with plenty of water if
splashed in eyes and seek medical advice.


Saviour Watersports


Saving things since 2011, was just the beginning. We all know this isn’t the most environmentally friendly
industry, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make conscious decisions to improve the process. I’m driven and
motivated to use my experience, knowledge and skills to innovate change and do things differently.