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Saviour Watersports Fibreglass Epoxy Board Repair Kit

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The epoxy resin we uses in our kits is SURF CLEAR EVO and is specially formulated for the manufacturing and repair of water crafts.

The ECOBOARD Project Verifies the use of Qualified Materials against a set of qualifying sustainability criteria. This is the most practical and effective method to ensure that any board bearing the ECOBOARD Gold Label or Level One label: has a measurably reduced carbon footprint, uses renewable, recycled and/or up-cycled material inputs, and uses materials and processes that reduce toxicity during manufacturing.


  • Super tough
  • Very good UV stability
  • Low odor
  • Hardening without tack
  • High gloss
  • Transparency of laminates
  • Self levelling
  • Scratch resistance

Store with the lid securely on, in an area out of reach of children.

Over 18 year olds

So these products can be harmful please read the personal safety information.

Saviour Watersports


Saving things since 2011, was just the beginning. We all know this isn’t the most environmentally friendly
industry, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make conscious decisions to improve the process. I’m driven and
motivated to use my experience, knowledge and skills to innovate change and do things differently.