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MTN 94 SPRAY PAINTS - Chiapas Brown

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MTN 94

MTN 94 is probably the most versatile aerosol on the market. Thanks to its extensive color range and quick drying ability, it is an suitable tool for practically any type of creative work that requires a matt finish.

It has never before been so easy to paint with aerosol. Its smooth valve system makes 94 an extremely easy aerosol paint to handle. Its ability to dry quickly prevents drips and also allows for almost immediate repainting. However, one of the most important aspects of the 94 range is its wide array of high opacity colors. The ample selection will make it easy for you to find the optimal tone to suit your needs.


Transparency and gloss. Within the 94 range you’ll also find MTN 94 Spectral -a special transparent paint- as well as MTN 94 Fluorescent.


Point and shoot. Shake the aerosol vigorously until you hear the sound of the mixing ball. Spray on a previously cleaned surface that you wish to paint.
Invert the can and spray until paint is no longer released, avoiding the cap from becoming clogged and permitting you to be able to reuse the cap.
MTN 94 allows you to paint lines of varying widths, ranging from 1 cm (Skinny PRO) up to 12.5 cm (with the Hardcore Fat Cap). Practicing will help you to improve this difference in line width.


The spirit of 1994. 94 was born in 2008, offering a higher quality aerosol paint at a more competitive price. It was presented as a matt alternative to the classic MTN Hardcore cans, providing a more precise performance and a wide array of pastel colors.
Its name makes reference to the birth year of Montana Colors, 1994, reaffirming the pioneering nature of the brand and the paradigm shift that this product represents in the spray paint world.


A symbol of creativity. The logo boasts a stencil-like typography which gives it personality and alludes to the broad array of ways in which the product may be applied. In addition, and as an exclusive touch, each MTN 94 can design includes different slogans written in a typeface created by Ausias Pérez.


Combine, test and win. The fact that MTN 94 is fast-drying to the touch makes it compatible with all MTN products. It dries within minutes and, after 24-48 hours, depending on the coats applied and the weather conditions - the film hardens completely, thus increasing its resistance.

Color ChartColor Chart 217 Colors
FinishFinish Matt
CapacityCapacity 400 ml



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