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Saviour Watersports 5 Minute Epoxy Pack

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SAVIOUR 2part -5 minute Epoxy perfect for bonding a Paddleboard fixed length paddle handle. 


1.Surface to be repaired must be clean, dry,and free of oil, grease or water.

2.Remove cap and puncture seal of both resin and hardener.

3.Squeeze equal amounts from both tubes, mix thoroughly until a uniform color is achieved. must be used within 4 minutes.

4.Apply a thin coat to both surfaces.

5.Mixture will become warm while it sets . No clamping necessary . only slight pressure while material sets. Recmmended for applications above 10℃.


Don't touch with eyes or skin, and please clean with clear water and go for medical treatment immediately if necessary. Store it at cool ,dry and light -sheltered places, and be sure to keep away from children.

Saviour Watersports



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