Board Repairs


We always quote each surfboard repair / job individually, but as a guide please see the list to the right. We are happy to work on all things fibreglass, epoxy, PU and inflatable - including windsurf, kite, sup, surf, & wake, boards.

To prepare your surfboard for Repair.

1. Please De-Wax the area at least 6 inches in all directions from the ding.
2. Remove leash.
3. Remove large single fins.. or fins near the ding.
4. if you want us to keep your board in its bag that’s cool.

Fin Plug / Go Pro Plug - £40
Small Ding - £45
Medium Sized Ding - £65
Large Ding - £80
Snap / Creased - £150 - £200

Valves - from £60
Repair - £55
Seam Repair - £68
Leash Ring - £60
Clean & UV seal - £30

  • It is all about the creative innovation of products, how they’re made, ensuring they’re built to last, being resourceful
    with the materials used.

  • Inspiring you and educating you in how to care for your craft and the environment we play in. It’s not just about keeping things fresh, it’s about investing the time to prolong the life of your kit.

  • What I am known for best. I will give you the
    confidence and know-how for fixing those little jobs yourself, and am still the expert when you’ve gone big and need me as your SAVIOUR ;)